Award-Winning Lamb Under Investigation for Performance-Enhancing Drugs

This lamb from the Logan County Fair in Ohio may no longer be a grand champion. Did he cheat? Perhaps.

The grand champion lamb tested positive for diuretics. These will dehydrate the animals and is a safety issue for humans eating the lamb. The muscles are stronger and feel tighter as a result of these drugs.

Part of the showman's education is learning what makes a grand champion. The winner and reserve animal are always drug tested so these 4-H members know better.

After the drugs are out of his system the lamb will go to market.

NBC4i News talked to the state vet about the impact.

"We don't know how it got in there, and we may never know. But it's the exhibitor's responsibility to present an animal to the fair for competition that's free of all of those," said Dr. Tony Forshey, the state veterinarian at the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Here's their report.

One of the reasons exhibitors are there is to learn about the importance of preventing contamination during an annual 4-H conference.

The Department of Agriculture is still investigating the Logan County case and interviewing the parties involved. Will the showman have to forfeit their awards? Maybe...

A ton of drugs will give the animal an unfair advantage! We want the good quality stuff when it comes to our meat. A young 4-H member will be taught this!

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