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Australian Firefighters Pose With Pups for 2022 Charity Calendar

What do you get when you take adorable animals and firefighters from Australia? The Australian Firefighters Calendar. 

Every year the hunky firefighters from Australia band together to produce the best calendar ever. Because what is better than firefighters and animals? Just one thing may make this animal-filled calendar even cooler: the calendar's proceeds go to some really deserving charities. You can't go wrong there! Here's a deeper look at the Australian firefighters calendar and the charitable organizations it supports.

Behind The Scenes Of The 2022 Calendar

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Last year, according to a press release, this popular calendar was sold in 100 countries with 750 million FB views. The 2022 calendar is the 29th year this calendar has been printed. The photoshoot takes place over 25 days, getting in pets, Australian wildlife, farm animals, and horses from all around South East Queensland. Everyone is mostly well-behaved during the shoot. Lead photographer Brett Cunliffe said, "Calendar fans would laugh at the number of bites, kicks, and scratches the firefighters receive during the photo shoot. There are times I consider if we shouldn't have a full-time nurse on set, it can be like working in a zoo. It's fantastic fun!"

Pet parents entered their furry friends in to be chosen as part of the photoshoot. According to Australian Firefighters Calendar Creative Director Crystal Doohan, "We received over 5,000 photos of every type of animal you can imagine to take part in the photo shoot, and they enter from all over the world. We even had a lady from Moscow that wanted to fly her cat to Australia! It takes one month to sort through all the eligible entrants."

Firefighters from all around the area were picked to be a part of the trending calendar. Ben Church, a DFES Firefighter, said, "I wanted to do it for my Grandma and Mum. They were so proud that I was selected to take part in the photoshoot. They embarrassed the heck out of me by emailing the calendar coordinators advising them I was the most handsome firefighter in Western Australia, and the guys have not stopped reminding me of that! Thanks, Grandma and Mum!"

One Australian hospital will be receiving support from calendar sales, Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. Dr. Bree Talbot said in a press release, "When the bushfires occurred earlier this year, I had a nine-week-old baby at home and felt helpless for all the wildlife that were affected and the vets that were trying to help them. When this position popped up on my computer, I applied straight away as I felt I could really try and make a difference" One of the animals the hospital helps are koalas which have been deeply affected by wildfires. With the money raised in previous years, they built Australia's first mobile wildlife hospital. The calendar also supports the following organizations:

  • Native Animal Rescue
  • Safe Haven Animal Rescue
  • ?Wildcare Inc
  • ?Australian Seabird Rescue
  • Fauna Rescue of SA
  • Healing Hooves
  • Reason to Thrive
  • Kids with Cancer Foundation
  • Currumbin Wildlife Hospital

David Rogers, Director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar, said, "The unsung work that many of these volunteer-based organizations do is outstanding. Without these dedicated wildlife warriors, many sick and injured domestic and wildlife animals simply would not survive. These wonderful people are the reason we try so hard to produce calendars that not only help raise funds and awareness but also honor their work."

The 2022 Australian Firefighters Calendar is also partnering with Greater Good Charities for the first time to support initiatives in the United States.  There are five different calendars for animals lovers everywhere. There is the classic cats, dogs, horse, and mixed animal editions.

Also, the firefighters have a summer edition calendar that includes all your favorite firefighters in their beach attire instead of their uniform for the first time. The popular calendar features Matt Haydon on the cover who is Australia's fittest firefighter.

Animal lovers' calendars are the perfect gift for those on your list that you don't know exactly what to get them. So which charity calendar are you going to get? I think the dog calendar is pretty cute! Ya, know, because of the dogs.

Buy yours at Follow them on social media too, on Facebook and Instagram @australiafirefighterscalendar.

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