Auburn University Hilariously Answers the Horse Blanketing Question

Horse blanketing best practices are made clear thanks to this hilarious infographic from Auburn University. 

To blanket or not to blanket? This is the age-old question that horse owners wrestle with every winter.

In the past, some experts have stated that blanketing can actually be detrimental to horses, but horse owners have historically struggled to accept this advice; after all, their precious babies look so cold. But have no fear, confused owners — Auburn University has created a helpful (and hilarious!) infographic to ease your horse blanketing woes.

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The graphic was created by Auburn's associate professor of animal sciences Dr. Betsy Wagner, and became an instant hit when posted to The Equine Program At Auburn University's Facebook page in 2014.

Titled "Does my horse need a blanket?," it is a useful flowchart that helps owners decide one of the most confusing equine care questions by taking into account things such as the horse's coat, age, location, and even personality ("Is the horse a wussy?").

After following the flowchart, users end up at one of three options:

"Your horse does not need a blanket," "Your horse probably needs a blanket," or "Your horse needs a blanket."

The poster was so well-received that the university decided to print and sell poster versions of the graphic. The laminated posters measure just over 13 x 19 inches and cost $15 each (which includes shipping), and they are still available for sale through the university's website.

According to the original Facebook post, proceeds from the poster sales will be used to support the equine science teaching program by helping pay for field trips, speakers, teaching aids, and more.

Winter will be so much less stressful without the dreaded blanketing woes!

This post was originally published on December 8, 2016. Our readers love this infographic so much, we decided to share it again!

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