ATN ThoR LT: The 5 Best Features of This Thermal Rifle Scope, Ranked

It's tough to determine, but we'll try to rank the best features of the ATN ThoR LT Ultra Light Thermal Rifle Scope.

If you think about how far we've come in the shooting gear industry, it's a little mind-boggling. Never before have we had such a selection of innovative, forward-thinking accessories for our firearms.

It's almost reached a point where we shouldn't be so surprised when we hear about all the high-tech features companies are able to pack into their newest products.

At least that's the case with ATN Corp. and their ThoR LT Thermal Rifle Scope.

We've written about the ThoR LT before, and always marveled at the capabilities of this lightweight, unassuming optic. You can do so much with this one scope that we decided to rank the top five features as far as we're concerned.

You'll almost certainly agree.

5. Ultra Low Battery Consumption

This is typically a high-ranking consideration for people, especially if they're transitioning to a digital scope for the first time. But, as you'd expect, huge advancements have been made to address this issue, and ATN puts them to great use to prevent the ThoR LT from burning through a battery charge too quickly.

With the enhanced consumption features, you can continuously run the ThoR LT for more than 10 hours. That's impressive, but part of the standard set by ATN and their innovative products.

4. The Weight, or Lack Thereof


We're betting the uninitiated assumes that digital, high-powered scopes like the ThoR LT are heavy as heck. That's where they'd be wrong.

At just 1.4 pounds, the ThOR LT is lightest thermal scope in the ATN ThOR line, meaning it has more versatility than your typical optic. You can mount it to a crossbow, air rifle, or other platforms where weight is a critical factor, and still get a high-quality piece of equipment.

3. Ease of Use, From Mounting to Operation

Speaking of that versatility, being able to mount this thermal scope just as easily as any other optic gives it some serious extra credit. The ThoR LT uses standard 30mm rings, and has a revamped eye piece assembly to provide 3 inches of eye relief, just like a traditional rifle scope.

The push-button operation is simple to understand and use, meaning there's no long-winded learning curve needed to set it up and start using it right away.

2. One-Shot Zero

This is debatably the best feature of the ThoR LT, and is a close second in our rankings. Think about it: the ability to zero in your gun with only one shot has advantages that can't be duplicated with other optics.

You're saving ammo and preserving shots, while staying confident you've got a scope that's homed in on the target and ready to perform perfectly, each and every time.

1. The Cost

All right, let's get down to it. Anyone who knows even cursory info about thermal rifle scopes knows that the entry cost is often rather steep. While that's true for most, ATN has dedicated huge amounts of research and development, with strong efforts to keep their costs down and translate the difference to the consumer. The ATN ThoR LT starts only $1,199, and there are six models to choose from.

All the same, don't let that raise any red flags in regards to subpar materials or manufacturing. The 60 Hz thermal sensor, hardened aluminum alloy construction, and your choice of lenses meet or exceed the expectations ATN has instilled, and the quality is as clear as day.

Everything ATN makes, including the ThoR LT and all their digital scopes, goes through rigorous quality control checks and is backed by a reliable warranty. You can trust you're getting a piece of shooting equipment that's made well and backed by excellent customer service.

If that's not reason enough, go to and see the rest of the details for yourself. It's getting to the point where if you don't look to tech-driven digital scopes like the ThoR LT, you're going to get left behind.