ATN Radar

ATN Radar: High-Tech Mobile App is the Safe and Efficient Way to Hunt in a Group

The latest release from the digital optic company ATN is definitely going to pique your interest. Check out ATN Radar.

If ATN Corp. represents the future of optics, then their latest technological release is going to boost their trajectory even farther.

We're excited to help introduce you to ATN Radar, designed and perfected by the experts at ATN based on all their previous success with smart digital optics, as well as their long-ranging applications for law enforcement, military, and especially hunting tasks.

ATN Radar is immediately attractive to sportsmen and women as the most advanced and sophisticated way of hunting in a group. But the more you learn about the mobile app and its integration with ATN's other products, the more advantageous it becomes across a plethora of uses.

Each member of your hunting party can be geographically identified and tracked, helping you organize and control where people are and how far or how fast they can move. It's all operated via smartphone app, and requires no special tracking devices, video cameras, or cumbersome battery packs.

Basically, it's the ultimate coordination tool for groups of hunters, whether you're on a huge expanse of public land or the back 40 acres of your small property.

If you're still having trouble visualizing it, here's a video ATN put together to help explain further.

Now that you've been able to see how ATN Radar works in conjunction with their selection of high tech HD optics, the gears are likely spinning as you come up with more uses and applications. The ATN Binox 4K with a built-in laser rangefinder can help, as can the ATN X-Sight 4K and the ATN ThOR 4 Series of optics. Of course, the ATN ABL Series (Auxiliary Ballistic Laser Rangefinder for mounting alongside your rifle scope) is compatible, too.

Glassing for game animals and mentally marking their position is a thing of the past. Now you can precisely record where a game animal is, compare their position to that of your hunting party, and determine the best course of action.

The radar-activated location mapping will allow anyone using ATN Radar to significantly upgrade their awareness, safety measures, and ultimately their success rate. It's actually able to turn hunting into a team sport, more so than it ever has been before.

Guides and outfitters using ATN Radar are able to clearly and safely prepare for clients and scout for game; when it comes time for the actual hunt, taking clients into the field and helping coordinate their actions is made far more efficient.

The ways ATN Radar can be used will continue to increase as more hunters and outdoorsmen recognize its abilities. Could you imagine how much easier and safer a deer drive would be with ATN Radar? How about a night hunt for invasive feral hogs? And, of course, the tactical military and LE applications are nearly endless.

You can find the beta version of ATN Radar available for iOS and Android devices, and start taking advantage of the truly social way to hunt.

If ATN continues blazing the trail at this rate, we're just going to sit back and wait for the next announcement. They've consistently impressed us year after year, and there can only be more on the horizon.

When there is, we'll be sure to bring the details straight to you.