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Arrest Made in Vermont Moose Poaching and Dragging Case

moose poaching
Justin Hoffman

Do you feel the possible fines and jail time are too lenient in this case?

Vermont State Game Wardens announced an arrest in the moose poaching case that happened in Westmore Sept. 23. Charged with that crime is Gerin Fortin, 20, of Irasburg.

It's alleged Fortin shot a cow moose out of season, from his truck and at night and without a permit. He also allegedly hit the wounded moose with his truck before shooting it a second time in the head.

Once dead, he allegedly chained the moose to his truck and dragged it approximately 11 miles to the town of Orleans, where it was left to rot at the side of the road.

Upon examination of the moose, game wardens discovered she was lactating, leading them to believe a calf was likely with her at the time of the incident.

Upon arrest, police seized Fortin's Ford F-150 truck, rifle, ammunition and truck chains as evidence, and will forfeit everything upon conviction.

moose poaching

Fortin is facing a maximum jail sentence of one year and fines and restitution totaling up to $8,000.

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Arrest Made in Vermont Moose Poaching and Dragging Case