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Reward Money Being Raised for a Moose Poaching Case

A Vermont woman is seeking to raise money for a reward to help solve a moose poaching case.

A cow was shot out of season and then dragged from a vehicle for 11 miles. Vermont wardens say it happened the evening of Sept. 23 in Westmore, Vermont.

The moose likely had a calf with it when it was killed.

Cindi Bollettieri started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2,500 in reward money for the case. She has donated $1,000 herself.

Col. Jason Batchelder, Vermont's chief game warden calls the case "particularly heinous."

Batchelder says that people are giving to this campaign because Vermonters will not stand for poaching.

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Reward Money Being Raised for a Moose Poaching Case