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Poacher Violates 30 Wildlife Codes in Missouri

Poacher violates 30 Wildlife Codes in Missouri and is issued several citations.

Kyle Dunda with the Jefferson County Conservation Agency and Officer Brian Gailis of the St. Louis County PD recently teamed up in efforts to catch a poacher responsible for 30 violations of the Wildlife Code of Missouri.

MDC AGENTS & ST. LOUIS COUNTY PD BUST POACHER: Jefferson County Conservation Agent Kyle Dunda and St. Louis County...

Posted by Missouri Dept. of Conservation on Monday, October 23, 2017

The poacher has been issued four citations for his violations. Some of these violations include: taking deer from the highway, taking deer with the aid of an artificial light, taking illegal possession of wildlife, taking wildlife in aid of using a motor vehicle, taking more than the limit of antlered deer, and taking illegal possession of fur bearers.

The MDC stated that the poached deer meat will be donated to those in need if possible.

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Poacher Violates 30 Wildlife Codes in Missouri