BREAKING: Armed Good Samaritan Kills Man Beating Wounded Arizona State Trooper

Armed Good Samaritan Saves Arizona State Trooper From Assailant

Police in Arizona credit this armed good samaritan with saving the life of a wounded State Trooper under assault on I-10. 

27-year veteran Arizona State Trooper Edward Anderson was responding to a rollover crash on Interstate 10 near Tonopah when an unknown suspect ambushed and shot him. The suspect climbed on top of the wounded trooper and proceeded to bash his head into the concrete.

Fortunately, an armed good samaritan happened to notice the fight as he drove by. The man stopped and retrieved a gun from his car before shooting and killing the suspect.

The good samaritan then used the trooper's radio to call for police assistance and a helicopter to transport the wounded trooper to a hospital.

Watch the video to learn more about how this man saved the wounded trooper and hear the radio call for help:

Officials have not released the names of the citizen who helped the wounded trooper or the assailant. This is just a guess, but from the way he was talking on the radio, it's possible that the armed good samaritan was either a military veteran or a police officer himself.

Either way, his actions were instrumental in saving that trooper's life. Arizona Department of Public Safety director Colonel Frank Milstead thanked the man who helped and said:

I don't know if my trooper would be alive today without his assistance.

Trooper Anderson is currently hospitalized and in serious, but stable condition after undergoing surgery to treat gunshot wounds to his arm and shoulder.

DPS officials say Anderson was responding to a report of shots being fired when he spotted a wreck near milepost 89 off I-10. He stopped to investigate the wreck and noticed a woman (who was later pronounced dead) who had been ejected in the crash.

While he was laying out flares and working the accident scene, he was ambushed and shot by the suspect.

Though it's possible the incidents are related, police are still investigating the situation and have not established a motive for the attack.

Coming right on the heels of a similar incident in Florida, this is the second high profile case in two months where an armed citizen saved the life of a wounded law enforcement officer.

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