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Here's Your Second Amendment Feel-Good Story of the Day, from Florida

BREAKING: Citizen With CHL Saves Deputy Sheriff, Shoots Suspect In Florida

A concerned citizen in Florida with a Concealed Handgun License just saved a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy's life by shooting a suspect who was brutally attacking him.

12-year veteran Deputy First Class Dean Bardes was working the scene of an accident on I-75 south of Fort Meyers, Florida, when the suspect blew past him at an estimated 120 miles per hour while driving on the shoulder. Bardes chased the suspect for several miles until the suspect exited his vehicle near the Corkscrew Road exit from the interstate.

The suspect was armed and engaged Bardes in a fight, where he quickly gained the upper hand over the deputy. A number of bystanders witnessed the fight and a citizen with a CHL decided to help.

When the suspect did not stop beating the deputy after receiving a warning from the CHL holder that he was going to shoot, the CHL holder shot the suspect three times and saved the deputy. Though the suspect received emergency aid at the scene, he later died from his wounds.

Deputy Bardes was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital, where he received treatment for his injuries. Fortunately, he is expected to make a full recovery, thanks in large part to the help he received from the armed civilian.

It just goes to show what a good guy with a gun can do in the right situation.

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Here's Your Second Amendment Feel-Good Story of the Day, from Florida