Anti-Deer Fencing Traps 3 Deer on the Road and It's Not Pretty

A pair of travelers saw one freaky set of circumstances when they videotaped three deer trying to escape the roadway.

When the state and local townships install anti-deer crossing fencing, it's assumed that it will keep them off of the roads. It's just that these deer found a way around the barrier and wound up like three deer trying to escape jail. It wasn't pretty. 

In this case, it appears the three deer had gotten confined to an area of road with a set of cars on either side of them. Once they begin to feel trapped, they tried to jump the fence, but to no avail as the enclosure acts like a trampoline and launches them back each time.

Even though we all know how well whitetail deer can jump, this time they just couldn't get over the fence. Thankfully, it may have been for the better as the top appeared to be laced with barbed wire.

Warning: Graphic language used in the video

It's tough to watch wild animals get stymied by human-made barriers, but the person who posted the video updated it to say that they were all okay. He did mention that there were four deer in the video, so maybe there was one out of sight of the camera.

Deer hunters everywhere understand that these animals are survivors of a kind that can certainly be appreciated by those of us who chase them. They can out-swim, out-jump, and outrun almost anything that hunts them, and then get up and run some more.

Let's hope that no more deer get caught in that situation again.

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