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Animal Shelter Uses Tinder to Find Pets New Homes

Using Tinder to adopt animals? It's working for one animal shelter.

Most people use the popular dating app, Tinder, to help them find love. However, love comes in many different forms. One German animal shelter is pulling on people's heartstrings to get some of their less adoptable animals new homes. The Munich Animal Welfare Association hopes people log in, see the animal's profiles, and swipe right!

Finding Animals Forever Homes

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Tinder is for lonely people. So why not pair them with lonely animals? The adoptable cats and dogs had professional pictures coordinated by an advertising agency, taken so they would look their best on their Tinder profiles. So far, the animal shelter uses Tinder for 15 of their animals, including the black and white cat, "Captain Kirk."

According to Jillian Moss from the animal shelter, using Tinder to adopt the animals is working! She told Reuters, "The response is insane. It's exploding everywhere."

So many people in Germany adopted animals during the coronavirus lockdowns that shelters are having a massive influx of older animals — These animals are generally less adoptable in the long run. This gives these pandemic pets a chance to have a fulfilling life with new owners. Tinder is 100 percent on board with the concept, too.

Benjamin Beilke from the Tinder communication side said, "We hope that these animals really find a new partner, a 'purrfect match' in the long term and not just for a few weeks."

"There aren't only lonely souls among humans, but there are also a lot of lonely souls among animals," Beilke added.

The shelter said they purposely did not put animals like kittens on Tinder since the small, cute, and cuddly animals generally do not have a hard time finding homes.

What a creative way to get animals adopted!

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