moron of the month

And March's Moron of the Month Award Goes To...

Nothing like teasing a 500-pound alligator while dressed as a T-Rex.

We've highlighted a wide range of morons over the last few months here at Wide Open Spaces. We first met a guy that thought it would be cool to smack a bull moose in the antlers. Next up was the fella who figured he'd get his kicks from  bluff charging a black bear. And to round the year out, we had the dimwit who thought it was a joke to wrestle a rutting whitetail buck. Our first pick for 2017 was the ultimate moron - a guy who thought it would be funny to smack a deer across the head with a textbook... which led us smoothly into February, when we met those bozos who sped across a rain-soaked lake to go ice fishing.

So here's our entry for March, and this one fits the bill perfectly. What you're about to see is a 35-year-old man who hails from Colorado, dressed up as an inflatable T-Rex, teasing a gator that's in the neighborhood of 500 pounds. Sounds perfectly sane, right?

We're not entirely sure why Jason McDonald decided to pull this stunt, but it has left us shaking our heads. According to the YouTube post, McDonald 'couldn't really see' while wearing the dinosaur costume, which surely gives him a few extra moron points, to say the least.

A few close calls in that video, and even though the T-Rex is well-known for its power and ferocity, our guess is McDonald isn't much of a battler if hand-to-snout grappling had ensued. One thing's for sure - those spectators would have enjoyed one hell of a show!

Yes, the internet is rife with morons, folks. It's almost too easy to find the next worthy submission.

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