Snake Milker
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An Inside Look at the Incredibly Dangerous Job of a "Snake Milker"


The job of a snake milker looks incredibly stressful.

There are tons of dangerous jobs out there. Crab fisherman, construction worker and logger to name a few. There is one job that is a little more niche but may be more dangerous and stressful than all those other jobs I just named combined. That is the job of a snake milker.

What does a snake milker do? Well it has nothing to do with dairy and everything to do with the venom of some of the world's most dangerous serpents. Hospitals around the world need anti-venom to treat humans who have suffered bites from some of the deadliest snakes in the world. The only way to make it is to extract fresh venom from live snakes.

In this video, Coyote Peterson travels to the Reptile Discovery Center in Florida where they do this kind of work every single day. It is a fascinating process. People who are afraid of snakes might get a little squeamish watching this one.


If you thought your job was stressful, you might reconsider after watching this. We cannot imagine having to handle deadly snakes like the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, copperhead or water moccasin all day. This is a job where you cannot relax or let your guard down for even a second. We are guessing they have dangerous vipers from all over the world that just were not shown in this video.

This is not the sort of thing that most sane people would think of doing when deciding upon a career choice, but Carl has been doing this for 27 years. He has not been discouraged from this job despite being bitten 11 times either. Fortunately, two of those instances were "dry" bites where the snake did not inject any venom.

Considering that this place has done hundreds of thousands of venom extractions over the years, they have a pretty good track record. Like it or not, this is a dirty job that someone must do. The venom they collect at this facility will help them save lives in the long run.

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