Amazing! Raniero Testa Shatters 13 Clays in 1.6 Seconds for a New World Record

In an absolutely amazing feat of marksmanship and speed, Raniero Testa throws, shoots and breaks 13 clays in world record time - and it's all caught on film.

Raniero Testa is one of the world's greatest shotgun marksmen. Well, actually he can be said to be the world's greatest, as he just became the first person on earth to officially break 13 clays in mid-air completely by himself.

When we say completely by himself, that means that he threw the clays into the air, shouldered his shotgun, aimed and broke each and every one before they hit the ground... all in 1.6 seconds. An absolutely amazing feat.

Watch it here:

Testa bested his own previous world record of 12 clays thrown into the air and broken on July 11, 2012.

He declared that the "secret" to making a world record like this one lies in how you throw the clays into the air: "The secret resides in the launch. The plates must occur in an ideal way. Then, after realizing this perfect launch, you must have in your hand effective tools."

The effective tool that Testa used to make his word record was the Winchester company's new SX4 shotgun. Previously Testa had been a devotee of Winchester's SX3 shotgun, a gun he claimed to be "the fastest semi-automatic shotgun in the world."

He is sponsored by Winchester and has even has a "Raniero Testa Special Edition SX3" commemorative edition shotgun made especially to honor the Italian marksman.

Testa holds at least five world shooting records, including a 2015 record where he hit 25 of 25 clays launched from an automatic skeet thrower, all while blindfolded.

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