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Shotgun Trick Shots: Now That's Some Mighty Fine Shooting!

shotgun trick shots

These brothers make some wicked good shotgun trick shots. Behind their backs, under the legs, over the head, you name it. This WILL impress you!

Steve and Aaron Gould of Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting have an array of shotgun trick shots up their sleeves. Here they're shooting clay pigeons, used shotgun shells and charcoal briquettes from a number of positions.

These guys put on quite a show. They're skill will make you want to get out to the range and start practicing. Even if trick shooting isn't your bag, you'll be itching to improve.

They're using Winchester Model 101s for this shoot and the guns are performing flawlessly.

They'll toss a couple of pigeons into the air, shoot from one position to shatter one of the clays, then quickly move the shotgun to another position - say behind their backs or over their heads - to hit the other falling target before it strikes the ground.

Another great speed shot is the "double barrel shoot load and shoot", where Steve will toss two clays into the air and Aaron will shoot one, quickly eject the one shell and load another shell in its place, and hit the second clay just before it falls to earth. Man that is fast!

No doubt a ton of practice goes into these shots that they make look so easy.

One of the more theatrical shotgun trick shots they do is the "double double clay trouble".

Aaron has two shotguns loaded and ready. He uses the first to shoot a couple of steel targets, which release two clay pigeons into the air. As soon as he fires both barrels he tosses the shotgun over to Steve and picks up the other shotgun from the table. He manages to hit both of the falling clays. Incredible.

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Shotgun Trick Shots: Now That's Some Mighty Fine Shooting!