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World Record ‘Spyder’ Bull Elk: Watch the Entire Hunt Here [VIDEO]

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Here’s a unique opportunity to watch the incredible hunt for a specific world record animal, the ‘Spyder Bull.’

We’re fortunate to have a video of the hunt for, arguably, the most impressive world record bull elk ever taken, the Spyder Bull. The bull was shot in Utah on September 30, 2008.

There are a number of aspects to this hunt that make it such a great story. Besides the bull’s huge size, the fact that it was a public land elk is also noteworthy. Few thought that it was possible for an elk to reach 500 inches in antler growth on public land.

The story and accounts from the hunters in the video also reveal just how much preparation and year-long work goes into a hunt like this. Weeks of pre-season scouting and observation by team MossBack team went into this project.

As recounted in the video, the final in-season pursuit took 13 days of hard hunting before Denny Austad was able to connect with the bull.

What I also find fascinating about this video is that we get to see the development of this incredible bull as it is observed at various stages of the year. The film shows it from velvet to final rut stage, living its life in its natural environment.

Of course any animal this size and that qualifies for world record consideration generates controversy. Is it a legit fair chase world record? Is it a “natural” bull and not the product of a farm? Was it harvested legally and ethically? And so on…

David King addresses some of these issues in a well written piece on his King’s Blog.

Boone and Crockett confirmed the world record status of this bull in 2009:

A Special Judges Panel determined a final score of 478-5/8 Boone and Crockett non-typical points, an incredible 93 inches above the B&C minimum score of 385 for non-typical American elk and 13-plus inches larger than the previous World’s Record.

With official data dating back to 1830, at 499-3/8 inches it is the only elk on record with a gross score approaching the 500-inch mark.

The giant bull has 9 points on the left antler and 14 points on the right. The larger antler has a base circumference over nine inches.


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World Record ‘Spyder’ Bull Elk: Watch the Entire Hunt Here [VIDEO]