Unsuspecting Snake
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Alligator Takes Down an Unsuspecting Snake in Mere Seconds

An alligator snuck up on an unsuspecting snake and absolutely demolished it!

Somewhere near Fort Green, Florida there is an alligator that has gotten good at demolishing water snakes with a stunning impunity. The thing is, this particular snake is quite large and would have most of us walking quickly the other way.

Enter one hungry gator with a knack for the sneak-attack and it's lights out for the unsuspecting serpent. First you will see the amazing stealth, and then second, you will see the lighting speed! Once that big reptile gets its teeth into that big snake you won't believe what it does to it next!

Here's the snake demolishing video. If you dislike snakes, this is probably a video that will cause you to cheer a bit. 

Many animals have a knack for knowing what it takes to subdue their prey once they've latched onto it. Sharks are well known for shaking the heck out their catch so that their scissor-like teeth can do the damage. That same basic principle applies here, with the gator's shaking action effectively helping to rip the snake apart and make it easier for the big alligator to swallow. 

In this case that big gator must have done this before because once he got his teeth around that snake he shook it like there was no tomorrow! In the end, the snake becomes just another link in the food chain. We're sure that wasn't a pleasant death for the snake by any means, but that's just how brutal nature can be. The gator fills his belly and lives to fight another day.

Have you ever seen a big gator attack a snake like this before?

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