alligator in Kentucky

VIDEO: Alligator Spotted in Kentucky, But How Did It Get There?

Any time you see alligators in Kentucky, you'll rethink what it means to be in gator country.

Imagine you work hard all your life to procure some beautiful duck hunting property that has some great swamp on it. If you were in Florida or Louisiana, and you spotted an alligator on that property, you may not think all that much of it, but when you're in the Bluegrass State it's a real eye-opener.

That's what happened to one family that was out looking for snakes back in December 2018 when they stumbled on a live gator resting in some west Kentucky timber!

You can imagine their surprise at the sight of a non-native reptile looking back at the from the trees. Although rare, it's still not unheard of in this part of the country, but how did it get there? What does the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have to say?

Here's a video with more:

It seems that the fairly large critter may have stowed away on a barge and ended up landing there from the Mississippi River, but we may never know for sure. It sure can't be enjoying the cold temperatures! You don't need Kentucky wildlife officials to tell you that!

Any time that an alligator is seen in Ballard County, Kentucky it will cause a stir, but one man is ready: young Wyatt with his trusty Nerf Gun that no gator can defeat!

Of course, gators aren't actually a game species in Kentucky, and it's illegal to hunt them according to Ballard County Wildlife Management.

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