Alien Gear Review: ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack

Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster fans have a new option.

The ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack allows you to carry low on the thigh.

I got a chance to review the ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack, and this is what it offers.

If you are a fan of drop leg holster style carry, you probably like to point out the positive parts. You might mention that it is below body armor and coat cover. It also locates your firearm right near your drawing hand when your arm is at rest.

This method of carry also allows your sidearm to be out of the way when using long guns. It surely frees up room at your waist level for other tactical goodies on your gun belt, right?

Alien Gear Holsters also knows how handy this style of carry can be. The all American-made holster and accessory company just released an expansion pack that allows their ShapeShift Holsters to be worn in the drop leg carry position.

The ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack works in conjunction with a separately purchased Shift Shell, which is chosen specific to your pistol model. Tested in this review is this ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack with a Shift Shell for the Glock 17 Pistol.

First off, I can tell you (as with all Alien Gear products) that this Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack is very user friendly. The length of drop on your leg is adjusted by a heavy duty, heavily stitched Velcro-style strap. The elastic leg straps are adjustable and keep the holster platform anchored to your leg, and in my case, right where I want it.

The ShapeShift shell of choice mounts quickly and easily on a central rotating adapter. There are two other auxiliary adapter studs to attach spare magazine carriers if you want. Everything is right at your fingertips, literally speaking. It's the sort of positioning and security that could come in handy in a tough situation quite quickly.

When I strapped on the ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack complete with a Glock 17 9mm pistol for testing, the holster stayed in position. Even with a fully loaded pistol and some rigorous exercises, it wouldn't budge.

It really is out of the way when working on other tasks. Drawing speed is fast, as you'd probably expect. When your hand is already at the holster level that is one extra motion that has been deleted from draw time. The video below from Alien Gear shows you what the holster is all about.

After my complete testing, I can attest the ShapeShift Holster Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack is a great addition to your ShapeShift Holster for open carry. For the outdoorsman or tactical operator, it is a win win.

Check this incredible product along with Alien Gear's other great product offerings at the company's website

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