Alexa Gun Storage
YouTube: Gabriel Kuykendall

Just Say the Word and the Alexa-Connected Gun Cabinet is Ready for Action

Alexa, I need rifles!

For as long as people have owned firearms, they have continually come up with new and interesting ways to store them in their homes. In recent years there has been a greater movement towards using furniture that conceals your firearms away from prying eyes completely. It makes sense as a deterrent against thieves and for keeping guns accessible in case of home invasion.

Some people have taken gun storage systems to a whole new level by incorporating the latest technology. As you'll see in this video, this video uses Alexa to activate sliding doors to unveil the owner's firearms collection.

Now accessing your firearms is as simple as saying: "Alexa, I need guns!"

That may be the nicest looking, and coolest gun storage cabinet we have ever seen. We know what some of you are probably thinking. Letting access to your firearms be controlled by a device that some believe actively spies on its customers? Sure, we get that. If you have concerns like that, you may be better off with a more traditional gun cabinet.

There are also probably concerns about anyone being able to access your firearms. We admit we had those too, but the end of the video notes that an RFID (radio frequency identification card) is required on your person to access the firearms. If you have a home defense weapon, you may also want a different way to access it quickly. You don't want to be waiting for that to open if a threat is in the home.

This type of high-tech gun cabinet is obviously not for everyone. However, it is an incredibly cool concept. The cabinet itself also just has a nice look to it that would fit in any home. Maybe it would be possible to get a non-high-tech version for people looking for a unique storage system?

At the very least it is fun to see a setup like this. It makes us wonder what kinds of unique storage systems people will develop for their firearms in the future.

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