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YouTube: SmarterEveryDay

The 'Gun Detector' is a Big Step in Approaching Gun Safety and Decreasing Violence

It's no secret we have a gun violence issue in America right now, but these proud gun owners are taking action.

Gun violence is at an all-time high right now, as the number of horrific mass shootings continue to add up. Parents are becoming scared to send their children to school; average Americans are scared to visit public places like malls and movie theaters.

While the gun control debate is a heated one, with a wide, divisive gap that holds the difference of opinion, we all ultimately want the same thing: a solution.

Gun owners are fearful of the slippery slope that could follow new policies implementing stricter firearm regulations. Anti-gun folks see the Second Amendment as an outdated ideology that doesn't apply to modern firearms.

However, all of us want the violence to stop. Instead of simply sticking to their side, these gun owners want to help bring solutions to the table, and they're doing so with some pretty innovative technology.

Watch the video below:

Destin Sandlin, host of the YouTube channel, "SmarterEveryDay," brings his man Chad Green to the forefront to explain his innovative system, "Latern," which detects guns in video footage.

As Sandlin mentions, they aren't the first people to come up with this kind of technology, but here we do have the ability to see how it works.

Using this gun-detecting technology, law enforcement would be able to approach an active shooter situation in a much more efficient way, as they'd have an ability to see a gun as soon as it was brandished.

Subsequently, they'd have a head start on the situation before 911 calls ever started coming in.

While this particular system doesn't detect concealed weapons, Sandlin makes a good point in saying the Fourth Amendment carries a lot of weight because individuals' privacy is paramount.

Although this is merely a start toward a sensible solution to the horrific events that've unfolded in recent years, it's refreshing to see people stepping up!