Albino Deer Crosses Ohio Jogging Trail While Another Hides in Bushes

A couple of albino deer stepped out in front of two hikers and they got some great video.

LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio posted a video taken by Greg Mueller and Jeff Bell that shows a pair of albino whitetail deer clambering out of the cover on a hiking and walking trail.

Piebald and albino deer offer a great glimpse of the wonder owed to Mother Nature. As outdoorsmen and women, we never get tired of seeing them.

In this case, two hikers were simply in the right place at the right time when these deer wanted to cross. Luckily, they seemed pretty used to humans and lingered long enough to let the camera get a decent look at.

As deer hunters, we want to see deer no matter the time of year or the color of their coat, and these two are no different. Take a good glance and decide for yourself whether or not they are true albinos.

Unfortunately, the second deer never really came out as a jogger came rambling around the corner, but it can be seen in the cover. Still, two albino deer on one morning walk is pretty impressive!

Even though this video was posted by an Ohio-based TV Facebook page, it's not certain exactly where this took place.

Interestingly, the first deer that showed herself had the red eyes that are indicative of a true albino. The only thing is, she also had a bit of a black patch of fur on her hind leg.

Some in the deer hunting community feel that it's bad luck to kill a 'white' deer, and others still feel that they are fair game. What do you think? Were these true albino deer? Would you hunt them if you encountered them during a legal season?

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