Albino Deer Gives Birth to Two Fawns, One Brown and One White

Watch as an albino deer gives birth to twins.

This video is from shadowvalleydeerfarm, and captures something we'd likely never see in the wild.

Check out the scene as a white deer gives birth to two fawns, one in each color.

White deer are incredibly rare in the wild, but can be bred in captivity to an extent. And of course, when it's time to give birth to deer fawns, white-tail deer typically seclude themselves.

This female deer was able to pass on the genetic trait to one of her two fawns, and the little guy looks to be starting out life right! A white fawn would face tough odds amongst the wild deer populations, and would stick out like a sore thumb if it made it to deer hunting season.

White spots on a reddish-brown coat help keep them hidden, but all white animals are going to be seen much easier by natural predators.

Lucky for him, he was born within the confines of a deer farm. Well, maybe not so lucky, compared to his wild counterparts, but nonetheless.

You can read about the fate of the world's largest white deer herd here.

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