The Descendants
YouTube: Bowhunting Downunder

Adam and Kimmi Greentree Dig Deep With 'The Descendants'

Get ready to experience the overwhelming beauty of a red deer hunt in New Zealand.

There's something different about big-game hunting. While purist hunters respect and make use of any animal they harvest, even they feel a different emotion when pursuing the more imposing species.

While animals like elk, moose and red deer feature massive bodies and extraordinary antlers, they also emanate a much larger presence that can't go unnoticed.

In a short film from Bowhunt Downunder, we see both Adam and Kimmi Greentree connect with red deer on camera.

"The Descendants" opens with Adam calling in a smaller stag for Kimmi back in Australia, which is just an appetizer for what's to come.

Watch the video below:

"I love the unknown of going into a hunt, especially if it's in an area of land I've never walked," Adam says early in the film. "Seeing the landscape, what animals it holds—not even necessarily the animals I'm hunting. I like thinking of what lies in front of me, what I will experience and, of course, what memories I'll leave with. None of this journey is taken for granted; this is what I live for."

The Australian hunter's words are then emulated by the rest of the film, as there's clearly so much to take in when hunting somewhere like New Zealand.

The beauty of pursuing an animal isn't in the shot, but rather the process of getting that shot and everything that comes with it.

Additionally, everything's amplified when you're bowhunting. The stakes are higher, the shot is more difficult and, as a result, the encounter is usually far more intimate.

It's hard to explain to a non-hunter what it is that drives us to harvest an animal. But films like this uncover the truth about one of America's oldest traditions.