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Actor Chris Pratt Faces Anti-Hunting Backlash From the Lunatic Fringe

Actor Chris Pratt has predictably received some harsh words from animal-rights activists and vegans for sharing his love of hunting.

Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic Park actor Chris Pratt is getting some heat from some disappointed fans...or former fans, as it were. His crime? Sharing his love of the great outdoors and hunting.

Recently Pratt posted a short video on his Instagram account where he was outfitted in camo gear given to the actor by Sitka Gear. "There's a big bugling elk somewhere right now in the desert in Utah, who has no idea...what's coming," Pratt says as he draws an imaginary bow. "Which is me shooting over its back, cuz I'm nervous, probably."

"Really excited for hunting season! Here we go!"

Pratt also accompanied his video with the following text:


Of course, a number of Pratt's vegan and animal-rights fans took offense to the actor's stance.

"Wow, so very disappointed to read this post," one comment read. "Chris, you seem like a good guy, but haven't a clue about caring about the animals you are so excited to kill. You don't need the food. These animals want to live, just like you do. I wish you could feel what they do when you pull that trigger. No more Chris Pratt movies for me."

Another person senselessly wrote, "I hope some day you will get eaten by a small black bear! Because big one, Grizzly, won't even bother tearing apart your dirty ass!"

And another: " because you slay fake animals in your movies does not mean you need to do it for real u."


There were scant few others, while the majority of fans expressed their support and wished Pratt a successful hunt. Here are some of the supportive posts we saw:

"Great news! Enjoy yourself. Best organic meat left in the planet, besides your farm."

"Best post I've seen in a while! Good luck. I got my bull Tuesday ... It's the most wonderful time of the year."

"I love this time of year! Its time to fill the Freezer with The gifts that God gave us to live off of the land!"

"Registered and followed.. Hunting is fine by me.. pretty sure it's been done since the beginning of time."

Bogus reporting

Of course, anti-hunters spewing their nonsense online is nothing new. I think the bigger story here is how this was spun by the media, namely by Yahoo News.

Yahoo Entertainment News suggested that Pratt's fanbase disagreed with his position on hunting. They also suggested that only "some" of his fans expressed their support. That's not quite true. It would be more factual to say a few of his fans were negative while many more of them were supportive.

They also declare Pratt took the video down. He didn't.

But that's the way much of the mainstream media always seems to play such stories. They make it seem like the anti-hunting portion of the public is much larger than it truly is.

Have fun in the field this season, Chris. And remember the words one fan wrote on your Instagram account: "Good luck Chris Pratt. Hope you get a nice bull and don't worry about what other people are saying. Management is good." 

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