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Former NHL Player Gets Death Threats for Posting Photo With Grizzly Bear

Outraged anti-hunters have made death threats to an ex-NHL player who shared a photo of himself with a grizzly bear he legally killed.

Well, they're at it again. The ignorant anti-hunting crowd has once again virtue-signaled their alleged outrage over a picture of a hunter with his kill. They've even sent death threats to the hunter.

The hunter at the center of the social media storm is Tim Brent. Brent is a former National Hockey League player and the husband of Eva Shockey. Brent recently shared an image of himself with a beautiful grizzly bear he took while hunting in Yukon. Of course, the picture gained the attention of the usual suspects.

Disparaging remarks and death threats began pouring in from the online army of anti-hunting knuckleheads.

Brent shared the photo on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages, writing,

"So this is the Mountain Grizzly Bear! We put an awesome stalk on him but he spotted us about 75 yards away. Instead of taking off, I think he thought we were an easy meal and started heading right at us. It was very easy to tell by his posturing that this boar owned the valley we were hunting and wasn't scared of anything! When he got to 25 steps he stopped for a split second. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest, but the 30 Nosler did the job and stopped him in his tracks. Couldn't be more thrilled to take a world class mountain Grizzly in one of the most beautiful settings in the world!!!"

He isn't backing down

More than 23,000 people commented on Brent's photo, many of them congratulating him and showing support. However, the negative comments outweighed the positive in terms of vulgarity, ignorance, violent intent and stupidity.

This is, of course, nothing new to those of us in the hunting community. We've all had anti-hunters share their opinions on photographs of hunters with downed big-game animals. What makes Brent's case a little more noteworthy is his name recognition, his celebrity wife and his unapologetic pride in what he was able to accomplish.

Brent reported the death threats to Twitter, but the social media giant indicated that it didn't see them as threats.

Brent responded, "This is what we are up against as hunters and conservationists! These are the types of messages I am getting on Twitter in response to my moose and bear hunts. I would love to know what constitutes a threat or abuse for Twitter?"

Good question.

It's not difficult to see why so many clueless people feel empowered to criticize hunters. They're ill-informed and have little to no understanding of either wildlife or conservation. They don't understand that hunters are the ones who largely make sure wildlife is here for everyone to enjoy.

It also doesn't help when some in the media appear to be just as biased and unaware. One publication actually ran a headline that read, "'Disgusting coward' Outrage as hunter posts image of grizzly bear he slaughtered." They also highlighted a couple comments from Hollywood celebrities, each criticizing Brent.

Comedian Ricky Gervais commented in predictably obtuse fashion.

"I bet killing this beautiful bear 'put an awesome stalk on' Tim too," he said.

But Brent didn't back down from the onslaught. He posted another pic of himself holding his bear's paw with the message, "Did you know on average a single Grizzly eats around 40 Moose and Caribou calves during each calving season?"

He also shared pics of a moose he bagged a couple days later and a refrigerator full of meat. He received largely the same response from the anti-hunters.

There are an estimated 6,000-7,000 grizzly bears in the Yukon. Hunter dollars and resources and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation have largely been responsible for the conservation that supports such numbers.

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