AccuBow Launches New Augmented Reality System

There's now a product that allows you to get real-life bowhunting practice in your living room.

AccuBow isn't new to the game, as we've actually written about them before. However, they've stepped their game up even more since then, introducing a concept totally new to the industry. AccuBow CEO Matt Pell and company used the 2018 ATA Trade Show to introduce the newest addition to their product line: the Augmented Reality Archery Training System.

AccuBow originally served as a way for bowhunters and competitive archers alike to condition themselves for better ultimate performance. It allowed users to practice their shooting and build both muscle and stamina at the same time, without having to leave their house. That means no walking to retrieve arrows, no driving way out to some range and no procrastinating because of bad weather. It was definitely a cool concept, but it just got way cooler.

Before, the AccuBow featured a laser sight that allowed you to practice accuracy, but now you can actually shoot at targets.

After downloading the AccuBow app, you can attach your phone to the bow, creating a virtual environment for bowhunting or competitive target shooting.

With a background in civil engineering, Pell wanted to combine his skills with his passions for bowhunting and fitness. He originally intended for the AccuBow to serve as a versatile training tool, but it's more than that now. Pell's already hinted at future updates for the app that include changing environments, moving targets and even apocalyptic zombies. As these updates roll in, we could see AccuBow attract more than just actual archers.

The app is currently only available for Apple devices, but will become available for Android devices later in the year.