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Absolutely Insane Footage of Spearfisherman Fending Off Sharks With His Hands and Knife

A spearfisherman is forced to fight off a couple of hungry sharks who want his tuna... or him! This insane footage is unbelievably intense!

A New Zealand spearfisherman speared a small yellowfin tuna, and the wounded fish attracted the attention of a couple of galapagos sharks. The hunter had a camera attached to himself and captured some absolutely insane footage as he fended off the sharks, who were determined to get a meal one way or another.

The Adventure Club is a youtube channel that lives up to its name with this intense video. Frankly I'm amazed that the spearfisherman didn't give up his catch.

For me the scariest, most nail biting part of the video was the end, where he was climbing aboard the boat. You could just feel the adrenaline and fear of unseen sharks just under the surface as he pulled himself aboard.

His knife seemed to have very little effect on the sharks. It was astonishing that he was able to fight off the sharks, not get tangled in his line,  holler to the boat that he needed help, save his yellowfin and not get bitten, all at the same time.

Here's the caption they added to the video:

"It was a long way to go from New Zealand to Ascension Island to nearly get eaten by sharks! In this video, shooting a small yellowfin tuna with a pole spear got out of control when 2 galapagos sharks tried to steal the catch."

While the situation may have gotten out of control, huge kudos to the diver for maintaining his presence of mind in fending off the two hungry predators.

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