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Sharks Everywhere! YOU Control 360-Degree Shark Cam [VIDEO]


The MythBusters test a theory by attracting over 30 reef sharks in a very cool video that allows YOU to direct the camera.

Are sharks afraid of orca noises? That’s the question that the guys from MythBusters wanted to answer.

So, in their usual entertaining and dramatic MythBusting style, they got in the water, chummed a few dozen eight- to ten-foot-long reef sharks, and shouted “Action!”

The cool thing about this video is that you control the view. Work the directional arrows in the upper left corner of the screen with your mouse, put some earphones on if you have them, and be there.

This experience is as close to being there, without, well, being there!

The only thing I’m going to criticize about this video is that it’s not longer. It is pretty cool to be able to have a “first-person player” view on what is essentially a swarm of sharks swimming around.

Find out if sharks are indeed afraid of orcas during this week’s Discovery Channel Shark Week.

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Sharks Everywhere! YOU Control 360-Degree Shark Cam [VIDEO]