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40 Sharks Feed on Whale Carcass as Divers Film without Cage [VIDEO]


With around 40 sharks feeding voraciously on a whale carcass, brave – or foolish? – divers enter the water to film the predators up close and personal. Without a cage.

While other dive boats gather at the site of a floating whale carcass to witness a shark feeding frenzy, one group of divers joins the giant predators to film the action.

A whale carcass was reported floating just under two miles from the shore of Scottsburgh, South Africa. Word got around quickly and several boats gathered at the scene to observe.

Diver and videographer Emil Pirzenthal also received word of the unique opportunity.

Pirzenthal and a few dive buddies immediately made their way to the site, counted around 40 big sharks of various species, and decided that they should be okay to enter the water and film feast.


The divers counted around 40 sharks feasting on the carcass, including two great white sharks, over 20 tiger sharks, more than 15 bull sharks, several dusky sharks and some oceanic blacktip sharks. That’s a heckuva lot of sharks!

We see at least one great white tearing into the carcass with the power and strength they are known for. It is an intimidating sight.

In addition to Pirzenthal, his crew of divers include Allen Walker, Anthony Grote and Rob Shepard, who film the unique scene until the fading light forces them to quit.

The men also do a good – and dangerous – deed by securing a rope to the tail of the whale carcass, to pull it further from shore as the tide threatens to bring it close to the beach and positioned shark nets.

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40 Sharks Feed on Whale Carcass as Divers Film without Cage [VIDEO]