A Reason to Small Game Hunt: Aggressive Squirrel Terrorizes Park-Goers

You read that right. A squirrel is attacking people.

Prospect Park in New York City encountered a problem that can only occur in a large city. An abnormally aggressive squirrel is terrorizing and attacking the park-goers of Brooklyn. So far, five people have been "attacked" by the squirrel.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has stated in a press release that the people were attacked between July 18th and 20th, also stating that the squirrel might be rabid. Rabies is extremely rare in squirrels, but the department of health and hygiene is still recommending that you seek help at an emergency room if you have been bitten by a squirrel.

Flyers have been posted around the park warning of the squirrel. According to the press release this isn't entirely uncommon, with 70 squirrel bites being reported a year. The good news is that since a rabies surveillance has been instated in 1992, no squirrel has been identified as infected.

Flyers are one way to handle an aggressive squirrel but I have a better idea. This year I'm squirrel hunting for my own protection.

Small game season is in full swing in some locations and while squirrel season doesn't start until September 1st in New York this squirrel should be an exception. Someone with an air rifle could quietly take this thing out without a problem. Unless of course this animal does in fact have rabies in which case it most likely has already died.