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Are Deer Actually Colorblind?

What can deer actually see, and how does it affect you as a hunter?

It's been long thought that deer are colorblind. However, ask anyone who has been busted by a deer that hasn't winded them, and they will disagree. So, what does a deer actually see?

Being colorblind myself, no one seems to understand this deficiency. Yes, you can see color even if you are colorblind; you just perceive colors differently. Essentially, deer don't see in black and white; they just perceive color very differently.

If you get nothing else out of this video, just know you should NEVER have anything blue while hunting.

You might as well have a flashing neon sign while you are trying to hunt. One minor thing that is often overlooked is that deer don't have the visual acuity that humans do. You don't need to buy the newest and greatest camouflage: as long as it breaks up your silhouette, go hunt.


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Are Deer Actually Colorblind?