A Month with the 'Brute Force' Supplement by Wilderness Athlete

Wilderness Athlete offers tailored nutrition for the active outdoorsman.

The world of outdoor sports and recreation nutrition has seen some major shifts in the last couple years. Much of that is thanks to the crew over at Wilderness Athlete. One of the first companies to develop nutrition products geared specifically towards active outdoorsmen and women, WA has long established themselves as the authority in the market.

Launched with the intent of adapting modern nutrition to the specific demands of outdoor athletes, WA was arguably the first company to develop products tailored for the active hunter and adventure seeker.

I connected with the team at Wilderness Athlete and explained a 12-week workout program I'd be going through to prepare for a backcountry elk hunt this fall. They were kind enough to hook me up with their Elite Pro Package, along with some extra goodies. The two products I'd be focusing on with detailed reviews would be the Brute Force Pre-Workout and the Brute Strength Post-Workout.

Brute Force

Or Bruce, as I've started to call it. This stuff has become my best friend at the gym. Granted, I haven't tried every pre-workout on the shelf, but this stuff is good. My trial flavor was Pineapple Orange. I liken the taste to Smarties candies... those sugary little pills I used to play with during church to keep me from being a little brat. It's easily the best tasting pre-workout I've ever tried.

Ok, great, you say. But how does it perform? As expected from a company that crams loads of science and research into their products. One scoop of this stuff and you'll feel ready to tackle the world. Brute Force provided a heightened level of energy that was immediate, incredibly effective, but also tolerable. And not just physical energy. I could tell I was more alert mentally as well, almost immediately after consuming.

How does Wilderness Athlete do this with Brute Force? Besides a treasure trove of research and a scientific blend of nutrients, one of the most touted reasons is the incorporation of Moomiyo into the mix. Moomiyo is an apotogen, and believed to be one of the best of them. Apotogens are natural occurring substances that help to bolster the body's resistance to stress and fatigue.

One morning I took the pre-workout on my off day to see what kind of impact it had on normal functioning. I don't recommend this. However, it wasn't as intense as expected.

The biggest surprise was how my body was able to tolerate the mixture without immediately exerting a high level of physical activity. I expected to be bouncing off the walls at the office. And I certainly had more energy than usual. Though my body felt ready to tackle a Kendrick Lamar infused shred set, I wouldn't say that it ever become overwhelming. Physical energy was definitely present. This was monitored and addressed by some quick walking around the office. I believe these brisk walks helped prevent my desire to Hulksmash that annoying coworker's computer.

The most enjoyable part of the experience was that my mental alertness was peaked. When I was able to sit still long enough to get work done, I was able to blast through mentally demanding work (it's budget planning time again). Between the physical and mental activity, the energy boost remained tolerable through the experience without any significant side-effects.

However, it's safe to say I didn't need any coffee that morning.

This stuff will, without a doubt, make it into my pack for the mountains this fall.  I'll throw a couple scoops in my bladder pack each day and expect greatness. I expect to keep using it for the rest of the preparations as well.

Don't overlook the team at Wilderness Athlete. While many other manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon, remember where it started. With iconic names like Steven Rinella and Remi Warren attached to the brand, if you haven't checked out what Wilderness Athlete has to offer, you may just be missing out.

Stay tuned for a follow up covering the Brute Strength Post-Workout product.

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