A Lot of Big Names are Dropping Big Bulls This Year

Has anyone noticed how many celebrities are coming up big this elk season?

As we continue to roll into October, we couldn't be more astounded by some of the elk that've dropped this season. Some of the biggest names in the industry are laying the smackdown on big bulls.

Hunters typically shoot these giants on private lands or with high-end draw tags, but many of the outdoor influencers we follow are finding beauties on public land. This goes to show you these hunters are doing it just like anyone else by collecting points and purchasing over-the-counter tags.

Take a look at some of the true giants that have already fallen.

Cameron Hanes

Hanes (@cameronhanes) has partnered with Under Armor (@uahunt) to bring you this Oregon elk hunt and makes contact with his biggest bull yet.

Erik Chesser

Eric Chesser (@eric_chesser), a Hushin (@gethushin) team member, strikes gold on a solo trip.

Nick Mundt

The Bone Collector (@officialbonecollector) crew member Nick Mundt (@nickmundt) drops a monster in Oregon.

Jim Shockey

The legend (@jimshockeyofficial) wants a piece of the action!

Luke Bryan

Taking part in team Buck Commander (@officialbuckcommander), Luke Bryan (@lukebryan) lays one down in Colorado.

Extra: Remi Warren

Warren (@remiwarren) recently hunted for the Under Armor Hunt team (@uahunt) for Dall's sheep and the shots they got were incredible. The area where they hunted would make anyone jealous.

If you want to read more about each of these influencers, it's worth checking out their social profiles. These hunters provide content that allows you to follow along with their hunt as if you were hiking right behind them.

If you're itching to get a piece of the action, try looking at a particular state's wildlife department. States like Colorado offer over-the-counter hunting opportunities. Otherwise, it's wise to collect points in each state by signing up for their system of unit draws.

Finally, send in your elk hunting photos for a chance to be featured on the page!