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How Big Was the Buck That Left Luke Bryan Speechless?

Luke Bryan sticks a mature buck, and his reaction is incredible and priceless. The joy of hunting affects super stars no differently from you or me.

Bowhunting is addicting, and unless you do it, it is hard to explain the emotions and feelings that come with it. Luke Bryan shows you very clearly how he feels about it, though.

Some hunters are calm and chill when they make a shot. Some are flat out obnoxious and crazy. Some fall in between.

Watch this video from about 16:30 on and see how Luke’s hunt unfolds. Bryan puts a picture-perfect shot on a mature Illinois whitetail, and his reaction is one for the ages.

Watching his priceless reaction makes it hard to not be happy for the guy. The raw emotion exemplifies the feeling we are all in search of every time we head out to the woods.

All the preparation, arrows shot, and long hours in the stand pay off in one moment. And when you capitalize on it, this is what you will get.

You may not like his music, but you can respect his passion.

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How Big Was the Buck That Left Luke Bryan Speechless?