flyfishing for pike
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A Drone’s-Eye-View of Fly Fishing for Pike

When some veteran Canadian fishermen can get this kind of vivid footage while fly fishing for pike, you need to see it.

Just getting up and into the Yukon area can be a challenge, but to paddle down a swift river, and then portage another kilometer to get to your favorite pike fishing lake, well, that's what we do as fishermen, and of you add in some great fly fishing for pike in to the equation, then all is well with the world. 

Saying that, "To get there, you need to drive about 300km from Whitehorse, Canada (the Yukon's capital and largest town), then paddle about 20km down a swift river, and then portage about 1km in the forest to reach your destination. As you can see, it really pays off!" the Fly Lords have let us all in on one of pike-fishing's top-secret spots.

Now you just have to take one simple minute to watch and see the incredible footage. It's just that afterwards you may be in the back yard casting your favorite fly rod.

Fishing Yukon says, "The Yukon and Northwest Territories offer fly fishermen some of the most spectacular pike fishing you will ever experience. When you hit the right weather and temperature conditions it is no problem to catch several pike measuring over a meter (40-inches or more) in one single day."

Northern pike are notorious for hitting everything from streamers and cisco imitations, to anything that looks like "mice, squirrels, frogs, and even baby ducks!"

And as any good angler knows they are some of the most fun, tackle-busting fish that you can catch.

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