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Is This the Best Way to Safely Unhook a Pike?

unhook a pike

Here is a good tutorial on one man's method of unhooking a pike with a deeply seated hook in its throat.

We love fishing for anything that swims. For those of us who've spent a lifetime fishing for the venerable northern pike, unhooking one properly can be the difference between a fish that survives and a full set of fingers when it's all over.

Here's one method for unhooking a northern that really swallowed the hooks you maybe haven't seen before. When it's all over, both man and pike can go their separate ways, unscathed.

Here's the video:

I grew up fishing for these ferocious fish with my father, my grandfather and one uncle that used this same two-treble live bait rig. And, that's really the only thing I don't like about this scenario.

Other than that, it looks like a successful method. The only reason he had it out of the water for over two minutes because he was doing a tutorial.

Having some kind of plastic or tarp helps to keep the fish from losing any more of its slime. And, in the upside-down position, it kept it still enough to get the hook removal done in short order.

There was a surprisingly small amount blood for a set of hooks so deep in the throat, and that certainly helped. What do you think? Is this a good way to unhook a big pike, or is there a better way?



Is This the Best Way to Safely Unhook a Pike?