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Who Goes Handfishing for Pike? Seriously?

If some dude is going to go handfishing for , then get it on video and show us!

You've been patiently waiting to see a large Esox grab a baitfish right out of somebody's hand, haven't you?

Well, the wait is over.

After you watch what this northern pike does, check and see if that guy has all of his fingers left.

Apparently handfishing for pike in the Netherlands has the most literal of meanings. Pike fishing alone can be risky business. It's nothing like fishing for bluegills, crappie, or other panfish with a bobber and a little chartreuse worm. Smaller fish just don't compare; those are the pike's dinner.

A big fish like that (or a muskie, for that matter) can do some serious damage to a spinnerbait or deep water crankbait, but when you start introducing live bait, they can be downright vicious.

All the more reason to marvel at this lunatic for using his own hand! I'm nervous sticking a pair of pliers in that fish's mouth!

I don't know if anybody told this dude, but large pike have a monstrous appetite and a mean disposition. Maybe there was something wrong with this fish that caused it to be so unafraid. But to be honest, the thrashing and yanking common with big pike bites make a largemouth catch seem like a walk in the park.

Meanwhile, check your hand for fingers, buddy.

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Who Goes Handfishing for Pike? Seriously?