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This Kid Lands a Big, Hungry Bass with Just One Hand

This youngster is about to bag a 6-pound bass without a fishing pole or lure.

Kyle goes by the nickname "The Fish Whisperer."

After watching this clip, you'll understand why.

The big bass Kyle caught is actually one of his pets. He's trained them to take bait from his hand.

From his Youtube page:

The biggest bass named shadow is around 6 pounds which is big for a native texas bass. They are feed trained and will eat anything that enters the water. There are about 15 large bass that stick around me at all times.

The bass in the video above is named Shadow, which he says is his favorite because it leaps out of the water.

Earlier last year we shared a couple other fishing videos from Kyle TheFishwhiperer, including his footage of sewer fishing for catfish and bass fishing with gummy worms as bait.

If you're ready to do some real fishing, head over to Fin & Field and search out your next guided trip. You may not catch them by hand, but you'll still probably find some success.

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This Kid Lands a Big, Hungry Bass with Just One Hand