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8 Reasons Why Your Fishing Pics Turn Out Like Crap

fishing pics
Justin Hoffman

Want fishing pics you can be proud of? Then don't make these mistakes.

We've all been in the same boat before. You catch a beauty of a fish, pose for a few snapshots, then release it to live another day. With unbridled excitement you review your polaroid moments from the back of the camera. OH CRAP! Yep. That's exactly how they turned out.

Nothing can bum an angler out more than having a lackluster picture to remember a special catch by. And believe me, if it was a trophy fish, that 'anger' will haunt you for a long time. So here's eight examples on what NOT to do when snapping a fish pic. Don't make these mistakes and you'll have images you can be proud of.

1. You didn't use fill-in flash

Nothing ruins a fish pic more than having an angler's face shrouded in shadows. Pop up that flash and lighten things up. (There's a second mistake happening in this image, but we'll address that in #5).

fishing pics

2. You left your sunglasses on

Keep your shades on while fishing, but when posing with said fish, please take them off. You're not Tom Cruise, and I'm pretty sure you're not at a movie premiere.

fishing pics

3. You left your shirt off

No one needs to see this. Enough said. (Oh, and double whammy for leaving your sunglasses on).

fishing pics

4. You have a bad case of the 'outstretched arm'

The closer you hold a fish to the camera, the bigger it will appear. People on social media mock these type of pics. Don't give them ammunition.

fishing pics

5. You put your shadow in the picture

If you get between the sun and your subject, 9 times out of 10 your shadow will fall in the picture.

fishing pics

6. You used a cell phone

Sure, the quality of most cell phones is pretty good. An actual camera, though, is much better.

fishing pics

7. You look like you just came from a funeral

Smile. It's not hard.

fishing pics

8. You insist on wearing monotone clothing

Colorful clothes add pop and pizazz to pics. Dreary and drab clothing? Not so much.

fishing pics

Now that you've got a good idea of what doesn't work, here's a few examples of what does. Best advice I can give is to be creative, look beyond the usual 'grip and grin,' and practice.

fishing picsfishing picsfishing picsfishing pics

Good luck this fishing season and happy shooting!

Images Courtesy of Justin Hoffman.

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8 Reasons Why Your Fishing Pics Turn Out Like Crap