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10 Tips for Taking Better Fishing Pictures [PICS]

Want an album of fishing pictures you’re proud of? These tips promise to give you remarkable results.

Snapping a shot of your favorite fishing catch has become commonplace for anglers everywhere. Although a simple task with today’s digital cameras, capturing creative shots that better represent the experience – and fish – can often fall short.

Here are ten tips to take your fish photography to the next level.

1. Concentrate on Color

Colorful clothing will give your images contrast while making them really stand out. Red, yellow, blue, and orange work particularly well.

Carry an extra shirt or hat in one of these bright hues. A quick wardrobe change before posing with your fish can often make all the difference.

2. Be Background Cognizant

The background displayed in your shots can affect how your image turns out. Look for a pleasing one that isn’t too cluttered.

Lush reeds, a flowing hill side, or eye-catching open water spots all make great locations for a photo shoot. Tree trunks, seemingly coming out of your head, do not.


3. Use a Polarizing Lens

If shooting with a DSLR, investing in a polarizing lens is a wise choice. Colors will appear more saturated and rich – such as the sky and vegetation – while glare on the water’s surface will be greatly diminished.

4. Experiment with Shooting Angles

Variety is important when taking a fishing image. Experiment with how you set up for the shot by shooting down low, wide, or even from above.

This will give your image a unique perspective and variety in comparison to the often taken fish-level shots.

5. Get Out of the Boat

If fishing with a friend, getting out of the boat – to either shoot from a dock, the shore, or even knee-deep in the water – can give a cool and interesting perspective to your shots.

A release image over the side of the boat is one that works particularly well.


6. It’s Not All About the Fish

Action shots, whether casting, rummaging through a tackle box, or tying on a lure give a neat perspective to your time on the water.

Document your day. Some of the best fishing images don’t actually involve fish.


7. Fill Flash is Your Friend

Most anglers wear a ball cap when out fishing, resulting in harsh shadows across the face – especially when the sun is high.

Using your fill flash, even when it is bright out, will alleviate this issue.

8. Concentrate on Close-Ups

Close-ups of your caught fish, showing scale detail and even the lure itself, can make for striking images.

Don’t be afraid to crop the angler out while concentrating solely on the fish.


9. Soft Light is Best

The soft light of early morning and evening are often the best times to take on the water shots.

The light during these favorable periods is less harsh and much more pleasing to the eye. As the sun begins to set in the late evening can be particular striking.

10. The Health of the Fish is Paramount

When setting up for a shot, moving to an area with a more pleasing background, or swapping out lenses, always keep the health of the fish in mind.

Fish should remain in a well-oxygenated live well at all times, only being removed for the time it takes to click the shutter once or twice.

Images Courtesy of Justin Hoffman

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10 Tips for Taking Better Fishing Pictures [PICS]