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8 of the Funniest Gun Bumper Stickers

Some sayings are so good you just have to show them to everyone.

There is no shortage of funny sayings associated with guns. Some of them have  even made into bumper sticker form. I've collected a few of our favorites.

1. It really is better to have it...

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2. The donut joke is just too easy...

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3. Well it's true

No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on you can't dispute the facts. Gun sales jump 158% during the Obama administration.

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4. It's funny cause it's true

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5. Well, if it's not, it's pretty close

We all feel better after a few shots at the range, even the notoriously British Beatles. Or in the backyard, whatever I don't judge.

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6. Depends on the gun

Thank god my wife doesn't read these. If you're a married man, you can probably relate to this one.

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7. The happy family

Image via Pinterest

That's my kind of family. I'm not sure how you get an RPG into your collection but now I want one.

8. Don't mix guns and alcohol

Comparisons are free game...

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There are many more out there but hopefully this will get you started. Pick out a few of your favorites and slap them on your vehicle with pride.



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8 of the Funniest Gun Bumper Stickers