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These 8 Homemade Hunting Blinds are Unbelievable

It is in the heart of every man to explore, conquer and build.

Not everyone is happy with a basic hunting blind or stand.

There are those among us who desire to excel and express their creativity by building a better hunting stand or blind.

This article is dedicated to those within our ranks who aren't satisfied with the basics of life, but look for comfort and luxury even in the woods or at least are willing to go the extra mile.

1. Log Cabin

Every man dreams of having his own log cabin tucked away in the woods far from the hustle and bustle of daily life with a hunting blind within walking distance.

Why not just combine the two with this gorgeous log cabin elevated stand with custom decorative door?

2. Duck Blind Condo

Want to take your friends duck hunting? Here's the perfect duck blind condo.

3. Pallet Shed Blind

Yet another place a person could just set up housekeeping.

This blind is made from 4x4 lumber, concrete blocks and pallets. The outside is covered with butt ends cut and fastened to give it a log look.

4. Elevated Hunting House

Truthfully named the Hunt House, this is prime location for hunting, watching the sunset and candlelit dinners for the romantic couple.

5. Critter Getter

When space isn't a problem but mobility is, you may want to spend the $134,000 and buy yourself one of these. It even comes with optional dog kennels and a 30-foot scissor lift.

6. RV in the Sky

Whether you need a better view or just trying to escape high water, this is a great little hunting spot.

7. Swamp Fever

Whether hunting deer, duck or swamp monsters you probably need to be ever vigilant and get yourself one of these.

8. Redneck Ingenuity

Engineering feats can be found anywhere and everywhere. Give a man a problem and he is bound to figure it out, especially if there are spare truck parts lying around.

Homemade deer stands are sometimes very unstable, but the amount of engineering that went into most of these are well above standard.

A man and his entire family or hunting camp could fit into most of these blinds. People just never cease to amaze me.