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700-Pound Pennsylvania Black Bear Likely Biggest of the Year

biggest bear
Wagner’s Gun Tech

This is one big bear. 

Chad Wagner has done something that likely no other hunter will do this year in the state of Pennsylvania. As you may have seen all over social media, he just bagged a 700-pound black bear. As far as black bears go, that's huge. More than likely, this is going to be one of the biggest bears taken in the U.S. this year.

biggest bear
Wagner's Gun Tech

As for the story, Wagner was no more than 60 yards from the road where he parked when he saw this monster first thing in the morning. The bear turned and ran but with one quick shot from his .270, Wagner dropped the bear in its tracks. As the hunter ran up to where he last saw the giant animal go down, one more shot to the chest put the bear down for good.

Now, Wagner is planning to drop close to $3,000 to get this impressive bear mounted. Per the report, it is estimated that less than 2 percent of all bears ever taken are more over 500 pounds. With that said, this is certainly something to be proud of.


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700-Pound Pennsylvania Black Bear Likely Biggest of the Year