new year's resolutions
Troy Rodakowski

7 News Year's Resolutions for the Outdoor Enthusiast

So, you love the outdoors? Here's how to make 2017 your best year yet.

Healthier, leaner, meaner, better, bigger, more efficient. Yes, we can all hope, wish, and strive for the best, or to be better, but simply put, we all need to be real with what we are dealt and make the most of it.

1. So, you didn't kill that buck or bull last season....

Now is the time to prepare for a better 2017. Re-evaluate what went wrong this last season and build on it. Maybe you missed and easy shot, maybe you had an equipment malfunction, maybe you even had some health issues that prevented you from being in the field at prime time. Make a vow to yourself now to work on all of these and revisit everything in your head. You have months to make it right and do things better. Practice, review and try even harder next season. Never give up.

2. Try to stay positive.

Dreams are always within reach.

Dreams are always within reach.

Be a warrior. Stay positive and take the next year to a new level. Use your inner strength. Strive to meet goals that you never have before. Shoot straighter, more consistent and more often. Win!

3. Change it up and try something different.

Stuck in a rut? Often times we find ourselves, out of comfort or habit, doing the same thing over and over again. Look into trying something new. Try a new spot, travel to a new state or apply for a new unit. Mix it up. This is the year to make something new and great happen.

Dream big!

Dream big!

4. Be healthier.

Not just physically, but mentally as well. Realize that being a person who loves to spend time outdoors, you need to stay focused on goals and the positive aspects that nature offers. You may not always meet your goals of hiking to the summit, catching the biggest fish or shooting the largest animal, but promise yourself that you'll bounce back. These things all need to become positive inspiration for 2017.

5. Dream big.

What are your biggest dreams and goals? Have you met them yet? Remember, you only live once, and now might be the time to make them all happen. If you have a chance, make sure to try your best to fulfill your wildest dreams this year.

Big dreams and new adventures are on tap for 2017.

Big dreams and new adventures are on tap for 2017.

6. Take good advice.

I had a friend once tell me to listen to what he had to say. Well, I ignored it, and boy, did I regret the outcome. Your friends and family are important. Make sure to listen to them. They might just have a few good suggestions for you.

7. Be true to you.

Bottom line, stay grounded. Don't overdo anything. Sometimes, trying too hard leads to massive frustration and disappointment. Stay real and true to yourself, and always put your family first.

No matter what route you choose for success, always remember that only you can determine how to get there.