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9 Hunters Give Us Their Best Advice in a One-Liner

Whether it’s your first season or your 30th, you know a nugget of advice from a seasoned hunter can go a long way.

We asked our Wide Open Spaces contributor team to give us their best piece of advice for the upcoming season.

They delivered, and what follows is a CliffsNotes version of useful, last minute hunting wisdom that will go a long way as you gear up for your season.

“Success is found at the crossroads of hard work and luck. Always be the hardest working person in the woods.”  Reid Vander Veen

“You can never prepare too much. Check, then check again, and it may be the difference of harvesting a mature buck.” — Nathan Unger

“Don’t skimp on footwear. Wear the right boots or shoes for the right conditions; make sure they’re broken in and comfortable. And bring a change of socks. You’ll travel farther, longer and quieter if you take care of your feet.” — David Smith

North Dakota

“Sit still in heavy game habitat, have patience, and pack a weapon strong enough to do the job right with one shot.” — Eric Nestor

“Buy the BloodHunter light from Primos. I am horribly colorblind, but this light allows me to track game easily.” — Jake VanDeLarre

“Don’t stress out about harvesting an animal, as long as you are enjoying time in the great outdoors, that is a successful hunt.” — Travis Smola


“Get off the beaten path: if you get away from (at least a half mile, preferably a mile or more) the trails and roads most hunters tend to frequent on public land, you are virtually guaranteed to see more game.” — John McAdams

“Find a good mentor, and don’t be shy in seeking quality advice.” — Jake Hofer

“Scent control is imperative. Whether it be with minimizing your scent, understanding thermals or maintaining an advantage on wind direction, a deer’s nose is your worst enemy.” — Dustin Prievo

Do you agree with this advice? Got any of your own to share?


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9 Hunters Give Us Their Best Advice in a One-Liner