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7 Fantastic Fishing Stories from 2017

Time for another list of the best stories of 2017. Today it's fishing stories.

We're wrapping up 2017 by sharing some of the best and most-viewed posts, videos, and stories from 2017 and sharing them in our Wide Open Spaces 12 Days of Top Stories countdown.

This morning we have the seven best fishing stories from the past year. Hope you enjoy!

1. Giant Gar

Check out this huge prehistoric fish caught in the Lone Star State.

2. Bull Shark in the River

This story weirded us out when it happened back in the summer.

My brother n law found a shark in trinity river 😱😱😱 out in Kenefick, TXPhoto creds: Jared Moser

Posted by Bailey Juarez on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

3. Lost Fish

No way!

4. Muskie Eating a Muskrat

Even with all the great muskie fishing videos we saw in 2017, this one still takes the cake.

(For licensing or usage, contact boys saw this while fishing on my mom's dock, wish they would've recorded longer.

Posted by Kathy Starry on Sunday, July 9, 2017

5. Can't Leave Ice Fishing Out

This post just came to us in the past 10 days!

ice fishing house
Facebook/The Tackle Shack

6. Only an Aussie

Yeah, there's something about Australian fishermen...

7. Handfishing

Finally, our favorite new social media follow Hannah Barron!

Go down, #GetBit, Catch the fish.

Posted by Hannah Barron Outdoors on Thursday, June 8, 2017

That does it for this recap list of the 10 best fishing stories we gathered all year.

Be sure to keep checking back daily as we continue our countdown of the 12 Top Stories of 2017.



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7 Fantastic Fishing Stories from 2017