fishing success
Justin Hoffman

7 Character Traits That All Great Anglers Possess

Looking to take your fishing success to the next level? Make sure you take these traits with you to the lake each day.

Fishing may seem like an easy sport to some. But in reality, to consistently put fish in the boat takes a special kind of mindset and a mixed-bag of character traits. All successful anglers possess them. Do you?

1. Determined

It's far too easy to give up when the fish aren't biting, but staying focused and determined will always reel you back in. Make a plan, stick with it, and don't toss in the towel. That next cast could produce the trophy you've waited your whole life for. Plain and simple - keep your eyes on the prize.

fishing success

2. Humorous

Sometimes you just have to laugh at a situation. Sure, it isn't the best feeling to lose a fish, but if you can't see the humor in it some of the time, the sport ends up becoming far too serious. Don't be afraid to chuckle. It does the body good.

3. Adventurous

Life would get pretty boring if we did the same thing day after day. The same principle applies to fishing. Don't get caught in a slump by fishing the same body of water, for the same specie, and with the same lure. Monotony can be an angler's worst enemy. Be adventurous out there and don't be afraid to try something new.

4. Educated

Stay in the know when it comes to all things fishing. Learn new tactics, find out about the latest lures, study maps. The more educated you are on a subject, the better you will ultimately become.

fishing success

5. Patient

Good things come to those that wait. Don't rush, slow down, and be thorough. I see it on the lake time and time again: an angler racing through a flat, making haphazard casts, and moving on. That's not how you put fish in the boat. Patience may be a virtue, but it does reap big rewards.

6. Honest

Fish tales do nothing but make folk question your credibility. Don't say a 2-pound bass is 6. We can easily tell it isn't from the pics you post. Enough said.

fishing success

7. Satisfied

At the end of a long day on the water, be satisfied with your results - no matter how good or bad they were. You can't make changes to an outing that has passed, but you can make plans to change the results next time. This is were all of the previous character traits come into play. Be happy with what you accomplished. You did your best. And that deserves a pat on the back each and every time.

Strive to be the best angler you can this season. Taking these traits to the lake each time will help in reaching your goals.