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Here's a Handy Infographic on Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Line

monofilament or flurocarbon line
Justin Hoffman

Monofilament or fluorocarbon line? This cool infographic gives you the answers.

Tackle store shelves are teeming with line, leaving some anglers confused when it comes time to spool up those reels. I recently wrote a piece giving my thoughts on 'What's the Best Bass Fishing Line?' I mainly touched on braid, as it is a hands-down winner for me, but like everything, there's a time and place for monofilament and fluorocarbon.

I use mono or fluoro when cranking, tossing topwaters, or working finesse baits. These two lines can't be beat for those three tactics. So why would I choose one line over another? This infographic provided by Berkley gives all of the answers:


You now know the inherent differences between these two styles of line, and why one might perform better than the other. At the end of the day, it's recognizing what your equipment can do - and what it can't - that will help you hook and land more and bigger fish.

Happy Fishing!

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Here's a Handy Infographic on Monofilament vs. Fluorocarbon Line